Ride a Space Shuttle Booster as it Launches

This is an amazing video compiled from a camera located on the booster of the Space Shuttle as it launches.  Watch as the booster carries the shuttle into space and then re-enters the atmosphere to fall into the sea.  It’s worth turning up the sound to get a feel for the emptiness of space.  I’m both amazed and humbled by how far we’ve come and how small we really are.

Ascent of Man

As a lover of retro-futurist illustration, I recently came across a presentation (via Boing Boing) by Illustrator/Artist Bruce McCall.  He does a great job of putting to words the reason I love retro-futurist art – the optimistic, over-the-top and sometimes ridiculous illustration like that found on the covers of Popular Mechanics in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  He’s also designed a few of the wittier New Yorker covers, one of which was put to animation by the talent at Smiley Guy Studios.  You can watch the presentation here.

7 Deleted Battlestar Galactica Scenes

CylonFor all my fellow Battlestar Galactica fans, io9 has posted 7 deleted scenes from Battlestar’s 4th season that help clarify some loose ends.  Whether you’re seeking enlightenment from the church of BSG, or just looking for some geek trivia to share with your friends when the show (finally) returns next year, these are a must see.

And if your a scifi dork like me and don’t already know about io9, take a look around while you’re there.  There’s plenty of geeky-goodness amongst their pages.

Thanks to io9 and Michael.