The Morse 200

Morse 200Was walking through antique mall as we do on odd occasion.  I almost always make it through the curiosities and smells of old without buying anything.  So much I see is interesting, but I always wonder, “what the heck would I do with this?”.

But I couldn’t resist the Morse 200 sewing machine I found recently.  With my namesake emblazoned across the enameled blue surface, I decided I had to take it home.  After getting it home, I found in the case the original receipt, sales flyer and manual. I’ve scanned them and shared them here.  For anyone who loves retro-graphics, take a gander.

You can check out the user manual here.

Morse 200 Flyer

1960’s McKinney Texas

McKinney has held the title of “fastest growing city in America” off and on over the past few years.   The little burg 30 minutes north of Dallas has more than doubled in population over the last decade.  With the building of the 5,000 acre master-planned Stonebridge Ranch, McKinney set itself on a course to become a major suburb of Dallas.

I recently ran across an old fold-out map of McKinney, complete with ads for “Montgomery Ward” and “Cabell’s Finer Dairy Foods”.  I’m guessing it was published around 1965 form the text “Population… McKinney, 1960 Federal Census, 13,763. 1965 estimate, 14,750.

Now grab your purse, Delores, and let’s take the panel-wagon down to Ed’s Drive In for a burger!

McKinney Map c1965 page 1

McKinney Map c1965 page 2

Ah… Cool, Cool Halloween

by Matthew Kirscht

by Matthew Kirscht

Last year for Halloween we sat on our front porch sipping wine while the neighborhood parents strolled by with their kids.  One of the advantages of living in Dallas is the weather in October.  However, with temperatures in the 100’s here in Texas for what seems like years, I’ve forgotten how nice the winters are here.

Luckily, I found Matthew Kirscht’s art that’s inspired by vintage holiday imagery.   I love this style, and makes me feel like a kid again (in cooler weather).

Thanks, Kirsten Anderson at Right Some Good

The History of Spaceflight

vonbraunI’ve started collecting a few books on “futurism” from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.  I love the illustrations and ideas about the future from a time when mankind was just going to the moon.  It seems there was no limit to where they thought we’d be 100 years from now (then).   Matt over at Paleo-Future has posted a clip from the DVD History of Spaceflight featuring Wernher von Braun‘s ideas of the future of spaceflight.  Check out the post for more retro-futurist images.

Ecards That Are a Bit More…. Heartfelt

I remember a series of cards at Jungle Red in OKC that all had small illustrations of bugs on the front, and contained such witty messages as “I want my stuff” and “You’re old, Happy Birthday”. I can’t say I ever actually gave one to any of my friends, but I secretly wanted to.

Well, for those of us who “care enough to hit send”, there’s a site full of cards with just such messages like “Now that you’re 18, you can legally not bother voting” and “I hope you’ll always consider me someone who reluctantly pays for part of your birthday dinner”. Complete with vintage public-domain illustrations on every card, it really says “I’m too to go out and buy a card and mail it to you, but this ecard is just the right price”. (Hey, I’m guilty)

So check out… and please send me one for my birthday. At least I’ll know how much you care. Exactly.