Ecards That Are a Bit More…. Heartfelt

I remember a series of cards at Jungle Red in OKC that all had small illustrations of bugs on the front, and contained such witty messages as “I want my stuff” and “You’re old, Happy Birthday”. I can’t say I ever actually gave one to any of my friends, but I secretly wanted to.

Well, for those of us who “care enough to hit send”, there’s a site full of cards with just such messages like “Now that you’re 18, you can legally not bother voting” and “I hope you’ll always consider me someone who reluctantly pays for part of your birthday dinner”. Complete with vintage public-domain illustrations on every card, it really says “I’m too to go out and buy a card and mail it to you, but this ecard is just the right price”. (Hey, I’m guilty)

So check out… and please send me one for my birthday. At least I’ll know how much you care. Exactly.