Another Amazing Year at DCI

Just got home from another amazing year at the DCI World Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  I’m blown away every year by the level of marching skill and musicianship these kids show.  They give up their summer to travel the country performing in the sweltering heat at a level of professional athletes.  If you’re looking to support youth in music, check out Drum Corps International (DCI); we joined the Friends of DCI this year and plan to continue our support next year.  Though I support all the corps, I tip my hat to Carolina Crown (below) who had a performer injured during the show.  He broke his leg near the end of the show, which was heartbreaking to see.  But they finished their show, “A Second Chance”, and placed 4th with a score of 95.95.  Check out the entire set here.
DCI World Championships 2010

At Angles for my Birthday, 1995

I moved to Oklahoma City in the summer of 1993, and spent most of my “coming out” years at Angles on 39th Street.  Angles was (at the time) the coolest dance club in OKC, with DJ Checkerz (Michael Chechoratti(sp?)) at the helm most nights.  Checkerz got most of his music from Oaklawn Records, formerly at Commerce and Oaklawn in Dallas.

While organizing my old stuff recently, I found two Hi Energy and Progressive Top 40 lists from from Oaklawn Records, still in their original envelopes addressed to me.  Coincidentally, one of the lists was from April, the month of my birthday.  So no doubt I was dancing to these toons at Angles when I turned <ahem> – something something.

Now be honest… how many of you have danced to “Mr Personality” or “Cotton Eyed Joe”?

Here’s the Top 40 Hi Energy list with a few videos of my favs from the time.  I’ve included links to the rest that I could find.

  1. The Bomb – Bucketheads
  2. Reach Up – Perfecto Allstars
  3. Lick It – Roula
  4. Baby, Baby – Corona
  5. Bedtime Story – Madonna
  6. Axel F – Clock
  7. Your Loving Arms – Billie Ray Martin
  8. Release Me – Industry
  9. You Can Have It All – Eve Gallagher
  10. Mr Personality – Gillette
  11. Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Harajuka
  12. You Belong to Me – JX
  13. These Are the Days – Human League
  14. Here I Go – 2 Unlimited
  15. Sleeping in My Car – Mobius Loop (I couldn’t find the Mobius Loop version, but here’s a pretty good version by Dancefloor Driverz feat Joana)
  16. Come Back – London Beat
  17. Bloke – Republica
  18. What Hope Have I – Sphinx
  19. Tonight is the Night – Le Click
  20. Hot Stuff – DJ Miko
  21. I’m Ready – Size 9
  22. Move It to the Rhythm – Technotronic
  23. I Only Wanna Be With You – Barry White (Dance Mix)
  24. Nights in White Satin – Sandra
  25. Always Something There to Remind Me – Tin Tin Out
  26. Don’t Fear the Reaper – Apollo 440
  27. Situation – Tom Jones
  28. We Got Love – One Family
  29. Don’t Be Proud – Cappella
  30. Be My Lover – La Bouche
  31. Keep the Fire Burning – Dan Hartman and Loleatta Hollaway
  32. Party People – KGB
  33. Keep on Trying – Twenty 4 Seven
  34. Love Come Rescue Me – Love Station
  35. I Wish – Eric Gadd
  36. Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex
  37. Take Me Forever – Data
  38. You Bring me Joy – Mary J Blige
  39. Respect – Judy Cheeks
  40. The First, The Last Eternity – Snap

Here are the originals:

Off to Indianapolis

Phantom Regiment at DCI World Championships 2008 We’re off to Indianapolis for the Drum Corps Internationl World Championships tomorrow.  It’s are annual “thang”, and I’ll get to try out my new camera this year.  Out of the 12 corps that perform, I usually take 200 or so pics that I’ll share here and on flickr.

This will be our 7th year, and I’m like a kid at Christmas… don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.  Marching band has always been a love of mine, and these guys are the best of the best.

I’m ready for the goosebumps…