Are We Hard-Wired with the Pentatonic Scale?

Boing Boing posted a video of Bobby McFerrin creating a musical piece from audience participation and Pentatonic Scale.   The interesting part is that it’s completely unrehearsed and spontaneous.  There seems to be something about the scale that is almost mystical and pervasive in music throughout the world.   I’m pretty sure the audience isn’t made up of musicians, either.

To me, it’s just one of those surprising moments when another mystery of the human mind is revealed.

Teach the Controversy!

I’m all about teaching alternative theories to evolution, so I bought a T-shirt to prove it.  (Hey, if you buy the T-shirt, it makes it so). has some great designs promoting “Teach the Controversy”, including the aliens-built-the-pyramids, the-devil-planted-fossils-to-trick-us, and the earth-as-center-of-the-universe.  They even have a design of the Great A’Tuin for you Discworld fans out there.  You can read more about the Teach The Controversy “Intelligent Design” campaign to discredit the crackpot theory of evolution here.

Personally,  I believe that if we teach “Intelligent Design” in schools alongside evolution, then we must include theories that aliens created us. See The Flying Spaghetti Monster.


And for you crazies who believe in science, Wearscience also has a series of designs right out of 50’s B-movies.  You can also customize your designs;  I added “I Believe in Science” to the back of my shirt with a scientist blowing up the moon on the front.  Link