7 Deleted Battlestar Galactica Scenes

CylonFor all my fellow Battlestar Galactica fans, io9 has posted 7 deleted scenes from Battlestar’s 4th season that help clarify some loose ends.  Whether you’re seeking enlightenment from the church of BSG, or just looking for some geek trivia to share with your friends when the show (finally) returns next year, these are a must see.

And if your a scifi dork like me and don’t already know about io9, take a look around while you’re there.  There’s plenty of geeky-goodness amongst their pages.

Thanks to io9 and Michael.

The History of Spaceflight

vonbraunI’ve started collecting a few books on “futurism” from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.  I love the illustrations and ideas about the future from a time when mankind was just going to the moon.  It seems there was no limit to where they thought we’d be 100 years from now (then).   Matt over at Paleo-Future has posted a clip from the DVD History of Spaceflight featuring Wernher von Braun‘s ideas of the future of spaceflight.  Check out the post for more retro-futurist images.

Strung out on science fiction.

io9 Being a dork, I love all things sci fi – be it movies, books or technology. Browsing my newly-subscribed RSS feed, I read about the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, an interview with the horned-rim glasses guy from Heroes, a article lamenting the USA’s lack of futuristic vision when it comes to architecture, robots and maglev trains, and a review of fuels used in all the great sci-fi franchises. (Did you know the Battlestar Galactica takes Tylium in its tanks?)

This site definitely satiates my need for all things geek.

Thanks, Lifehacker

io9. Strung out on science fiction.