I’m 40. 40 Years Old.

So no big deal.  I don’t feel any different.

But what is different, is that I spent it in Paris.  More specifically, London and Paris.  We spent 9 days in London, and made a day trip to Paris for my birthday.  I have to say that London is my favorite, though I plan to make another trip to France to spend more time, especially at the Louvre, which was closed on the day we visited.

According to our travel buddy Fred, “During my vacation we walked 70.88 miles (that is equal to walking 2.7 marathons), and climbed 277 flights of steps (or 2.7 Empire State Buildings) … I’m tired just thinking about it. Time to put my feet up and go to sleep.”  Well said, Fred!

Sailing the Ocean Blue

We take a trip just about every year with our friend Fred from back in Philly. Our birthdays are two days apart, so we always have an excuse to reconnect and visit someplace new. This year we decided to try a cruise. Rich and I have never been on one, and we worried we might spend the whole time sea sick or bored. But we had a great time!  We sailed with Royal Caribbean on the Navigator of the Seas.

Grand Cayman was our first port, where we swam with stingrays. We took a boat out into the bay where they gather (for feeding by tourists) in about 3-4 feet of water. They’ll swim right up against your legs with the flaps, and are very friendly. You have to shuffle your feet to avoid stepping on them (and getting a stinger in your foot).

We spent the rest of the time checking out the jewelry and watches available (in abundance) in George Town. I’m not much of a jewelry person… though all the tanzanite was pretty, I couldn’t see myself wearing any of it.

Our second port was Cozumel, which my first visit to Mexico.  We tried helmet diving, which is diving with a air-filled helmet connected to a pressurized air hose.  We got to explore some pretty cool underwater wreckage, including a wrecked plane and a canon from some long-lost era.

And of course, more jewelry and watches. Though we didn’t get to check out downtown, which I hear has more shopping.

But there’s always next time.  We definitely plan on taking another cruise, maybe on the world’s largest passenger ship.

And I definitely recommend Royal Caribbean.

Returned From Breckenridge, Nothing Broken

We just returned from our annual ski trip, and everyone returned safe and sound with all limbs intact. It was our largest group yet with fifteen of us in one big house.   In the past we’ve rented a house on or near the slopes, but this year we opted for a place in town.  The French Street Inn was formerly a bed and breakfast and was located just a few blocks from the gondolas and the slopes.  With over 30 inches of snow in during the 6 days we were there, there was plenty of awesome skiing.

With a house in town, it was also easy for those of us who didn’t ski every day to explore some of the other activities like getting a much needed massage!

It was a much needed break, and I believe we may have brought the snow back with us.   We’ve received snow and ice twice this week here in the Dallas area!

You can see the rest of our photos here.